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General - Communications - page last updated 16.4.20


As you will be aware, we have recently notified MOSA members of our intended arrangements for any vulnerable colleagues in regards to the national pandemic and I am pleased to say that there has been a good response, we have over 50 volunteers, so thank you to all of you that have volunteered. If you haven’t already volunteered and would like to do so please contact me via your Road Representative: -


  • Old Point - Paul Chandler 

  • Sea Way - Kevin Seaman  

  • Sea Close - Roland Jervis 

  • Merry End - Susan Burley 

  • The Byway - Chris Wooley 

  • East Close - Margaret Martin 

  • West Close - Gill Pacey 

  • South Walk - Gill Tuson 

  • Sea Lane - Chris and Wendy King 


How do you contact us for help?  


In the first instance, please contact your road representative and if they are not available please email or phone: 


Chair - Martin Burrell - - 585708 or 07836 600740 

Secretary - Marese Hollands - - 587869 or 07500 011297 


  1. Your Road Rep or Martin/Marese will then contact one of the volunteers in your road who will be able to assist you.  

  1. Your Road Rep or Martin/Marese will then let you know the name of the person who is going to help you. Please do not respond to cold callers. 

  1. The volunteer will then either contact you direct, to find out your requirements or deliver the items to your doorstep.  


We are also in the process of setting up individual WhatsApp groups for the volunteers in each road, as a means of communication. We will also consider setting up an Estate wide WhatsApp group for volunteers, should the need arise. 


In the first instance volunteers will support their own roads, but should the pandemic reach a critical level in Middleton on Sea, then we would seek help from anyone on the list. 


Acts of kindness and some general  precautions. 


If you are self-isolating with the Coronavirus - Covid -19 we can help with the following: - 


  • Picking up shopping 

  • Collecting medication 

  • Posting mail 

  • Friendly phone call 

  • Urgent supplies 

  • Dog walking 

  • Other urgent issues. 

As we all know coronavirus is very contagious. Please ensure you are taking every precaution to ensure you are only spreading kindness. Avoid physical contact and keep 2 metres apart. Volunteers will leave items on the doorstep. Please wear disposable gloves if possible and keep washing your hands. 


Please be aware that there may be people who wish to take advantage of the situation. Please only accept help from people you know or that MOSA have put you in contact with. 


Below is some useful information but as you are aware the situation is changing daily if not hourly and the information may become out of date very quickly. We will also try and keep our website up to date with information.


Covid-19 Updates - from West Sussex County Council 


The Government has issued advice about disposing of rubbish should you have a confirmed or suspected case of Covid-19 in your household. Used tissues and disposable cleaning cloths should be put into a rubbish bag. The bag should then be put into a second bag and tied securely. You should then wait 72 hours before putting it in your outside bin. You are able to dispose of other household waste as normal. 

Please continue to check  for details of any impact to County Council services. We would also advise you to check any information or updates given by your local district and borough council, as they operate your waste and recycling collections and will be able to advise of any disruption or changes. 

Household waste recycling sites are now closed. 


Household collections are running as normal for the present time. Please be sensible about waste production. 

Collection of prescriptions


To assist both Lloyds and Rowlands Pharmacies we have set up a central collection point for prescriptions for the Estate. This will have the duel benefit of taking pressure off the pharmacies and reduce the exposure times for our residents. 

We can ONLY collect repeat prescriptions or one-off prescriptions for the over 60s and people who receive free or prepaid prescriptions. Click on the box below.


Please be assured that confidentiality will be upheld. 



Help from our business community 




MOSA Documents  















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