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MOSA recognises that from time to time property owners may wish to carry out development within the area and that such development may, either, require full planning permission or be carried out under 'Permitted Development Rights'. The Association’s aim is to provide consistent, impartial, transparent comment on planning applications. 

MOSA welcomes development that will enhance or protect the special character of the area and, which are in keeping with the policies of Arun District Council (ADC) for the designated Area of 'special' Character and that appropriately reflects the Village Design Statement (2000). 


In the first instance residents considering any building works should discuss the matter with their Road Representative and their neighbours. The Building Development webpage should be read in conjunction with ADC's Arun Local Plan (particularly policies D SP1 'Design', D DM1 'Aspects of Form and Design Quality', HER SP1 'Historic Environment', HER DM4 'Areas of Character') and with their Supplementary Planning Guidance including the Village Design Statement. Please ensure that your architect or designer has the relevant copies.


Once the initial scheme has been prepared, it is worth discussing this with your Road Representative and neighbours so that they are aware of the proposal details and have a chance to discuss any issues or concerns.


Once a planning application has been submitted the  MOSA Planning Advisory Committee, will consider the details to check adherence to ADC's policies for the protection and enhancement of the Area of 'special' Character as well as the guidelines in the Village Design Statement (2000). Having reviewed the application the committee will then advise the management committee, Parish Council and ADC and will make formal objections where appropriate. 

This would not affect the rights of an affected neighbour or resident to object or support an applicant and should anybody wish to object, then this should be done independently of any decision made by MOSA.

Planning Decisions, appeals and weekly lists of current applications are available via the link below. 

Please Note

To offset the impact of HGV traffic on the Associations's road surfaces, drains or verges, a Buildings Works Charge will be applied (Finance and Charges button). These charges, along with other requirements to safeguard the environment and amenities of residents will be set out in an Agreement between the Association and the developer.






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