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The Sea Lane Estate is recognised by Arun District Council, residents and visitors as having very special and unique qualities. As it is a private estate the roads, drains and verges within the estate (with the exception of Sea Lane and Middleton Roads) are the property of MOSA. 


MOSA, who have responsibility for the roads, drains, twittens, Greensward, roundabouts and general infrastructure, together with the residents, who maintain the grass verges adjacent to their properties, helps make this an area with special character.


To help achieve this outcome, MOSA has formed a dedicated Infrastructure Sub Committee to coordinate all maintenance initiatives, in liaison with the respective Road Representatives and reports directly to the Management Committee. These reports include any cost estimates to aid future budgeting.


This sub committee ensures that not only is the infrastructure maintained to the highest order possible but that all members are informed of the work being undertaken on their behalf and have a say, if appropriate, on how the available finances are spent. 


The maintenance programme is funded using the monies from the individual Road and Estate Management charges. Where as the cost of the twittens is shared across the estate.


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