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The Middleton on Sea Association (MOSA) was formed in 1937 and covers six private Road Groups:-


  1. Old Point.

  2. Sea Way.

  3. Sea Close.

  4. Sea Lane Estate i.e. South Walk, East Close and West Close.

  5. Merry End, including properties on the south side of Middleton Road with vehicular and/or pedestrian accesses on to Merry End.

  6. The Byway, including properties on the north side of Middleton Road with vehicular and/or pedestrian accesses on to The Byway.


Sea Lane is also part of MOSA and together with the private roads are locally known as the 'Sea Lane Estate'. Sea Lane, itself, is a publicly maintainable highway, therefore residents of Sea Lane only have to pay the annual MOSA subscription.


MOSA is primarily concerned with those parts of Middleton-On-Sea which are bounded on the west by the parish boundary and includes on the east, both sides of Sea Lane, Sea Close and Old Point, both sides of Middleton Road up to and including 179, and the Byway to the north.


MOSA is an unincorporated association, with its own constitution. Its main functions are to preserve the special character and amenity of the area, to ensure, amongst other things, the maintenance and repair of the private roads, twittens and the upkeep of the Greensward. 


Property of MOSA

The roads and verges within our estate (with the exception of Sea Lane and Middleton Roads) are the property of MOSA. 



Any adults residing or being a property owner within the Area of the Association or being or having been closely associated with Middleton on Sea are eligible to be members, after paying their membership subscription.


The most important activities of the Association are concerned with the maintenance and repair of the private roads, roundabouts, land drains and Twittens and the upkeep of the Greensward. 

The Association is also tasked with monitoring and assisting the relevant Authorities in Coastal erosion mitigation and improvements as well as examining and advising on development planning applications and local planning policies.

Its other activities are numerous. They concern such matters as Neighbourhood Watch, restrictive covenants, notice boards, preservation of the special character and amenities of the Area as well as the provision of litter and dog bins.

One of the main and original objectives of the Association is to foster a spirit of “good fellowship” or neighborliness which has been central to maintaining an appealing environment for the residents. In order that this environment is maintained, residents are asked to show due consideration to their neighbours.

Management Committee

MOSA Management Committee is made up of a Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Legal, communications, Planning, Infrastructure and Road Representatives,  There are a maximum of eighteen Officers of which eight will form a quorum. The Officers are a cross-section of residents. The election of the Management Committee takes place at an Annual General Meeting, it has the power to fill any vacancies that arise during the year. The Chair rotates every three years.



In addition to the Management Committee and because the Association is unincorporated, Trustees are required to be appointed. The Trustees act as the landowners on behalf of MOSA members.  This means that MOSA  can only own or deal with land (e.g. grant easements) through its Trustees, whom are subject to the Trustees Act 1925. The Maximum number of Trustees who can hold land is four.    


The Secretary is responsible for keeping MOSA records, administering meetings, dealing with all MOSA correspondence and enquiries, formal documentation and administration. 



The Treasurer ensures the correct running of MOSA finances, monitors cash flow and funds and provides a monthly report to the Committee. The Treasurer also keeps the Association books and prepares annual accounts for auditing.

Road Representatives

The Road Representatives are responsible for the collection and management of road and estate management charges and record keeping. Greeting new residents and providing them with their welcome pack, as well as being first point of contact for building development, verges, drains, road surface and planning issues within their road. 

Sub Committees

There are a number of sub committees which have been allocated to individual members of the Association and/or sub committees or Companies These currently include; Estate Planning, Estate Infrastructure and Coastal, Communications and Greensward/Beach Huts.


MOSA hires the regular services of contractors to undertake essential activities: grounds & garden maintenance contractors for roundabouts and Greensward, solicitor and auditors.  Additional contractors are hired to carry out specific maintenance work such as road and drain repairs as required. All other duties, including those of the  MOSA Chair and Road Representatives etc. are voluntary. 

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