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Chair’s duties

  1. To provide leadership and direction for the Association.

  2. To ensure the Management Committee functions properly.

  3. To ensure the organisation is managed effectively.

  4. To provide support and supervision to the Management Committee.

  5. To represent the organisation as its figurehead

  6. To procure legal support or advice as necessary for the discharge of the Association’s duties, responsibilities and actions.


Vice Chair’s duties

  1. To deputise for the Chairman as and when required

  2. To undertake any of the Chairman’s duties as may be directed.

  3. To act as the Associations policy auditor and be coordinator for Neighbourhood Watch.


Treasurer’s Duties

  1. The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring the finances, cash flow, banking, bookkeeping and reporting to the Committee(s).

  2. Develop a financial plan with the Management Committee for the year and longer term planning as necessary.

  3. The Treasurer shall pay all accounts under the direction of the Committee (or authorised by the Committee) and prepare or cause to be prepared, an Income and Expenditure Account and Balance Sheet as at each calendar year end for each AGM.

  4. All cheques drawn shall be signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the Secretary. The Chairman or Vice-Chairman may sign for either, but not both, in the case of their absence or emergency.

Secretary’s Duties:

  1. Ensuring meetings are effectively organised.

  2. Set the agenda with the Chair, take minutes of meetings, distribute previous minutes and agendas for forthcoming meetings. 

  3. Maintaining effective records and administration

  4. Written and digital communications and correspondence, including the Association’s web site.

  5. General Administration on behalf of the Association.

  6. Write or draft letters on behalf of the Association. 

Road Representatives Duties

A Road representatives’ duties, whether or not he/she is assisted by a Road Committee, are as follows:

  1. To liaise with the main MOSA Management Committee, the residents in his/her road and the Infrastructure and Planning Sub Committees on matters relating to planning, maintenance of the private roads, roundabouts, road name boards, signs, picket fences and gates.

  2. To liaise with the Association’s Treasurer and act with delegated responsibility in connection with the setting and collection of the road charges payable by the residents.

  3. To seek and record the views of all the residents in their roads, whether by a formal meeting or by correspondence, and pass on those views to the main MOSA Management Committee.

  4. As members of the MOSA Management Committee, to develop and consider all of the Association’s Policies and Procedures before seeking members’ approval.

  5. In liaison with the Infrastructure Sub Committee undertake twice yearly audits for the Annual Infrastructure Plan.

The Duties of “leads” on Planning, Communications, Infrastructure (including Coastal) and Greensward

  1. To liaise with the main MOSA Management Committee and the residents on matters relating to their specific areas. 

  2. To Liaise with the Association’s Treasurer and act with delegated responsibility in connection with their specific areas of responsibility.

  3. To abide by all managerial and financial rules applying to the Association.

  4. In consultation with all relevant parties, to produce an annual assessment of their respective areas and, where relevant, produce a costed plan to be published for the information of all members and residents.

  5. As members of the MOSA Management Committee, to develop and consider all the Associations Policies and Procedures. 





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