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The Beach Huts on the Greensward have been a long-standing and valued amenity for the residents of Middleton-on-Sea. They were first built in the early 1930’s and were privately owned until 1978. In that year Middleton-on-Sea (Beach Huts) Company Limited was formed and purchased the land when there was a prospect that this space would be sold for development. 

The Beach Huts form part of the Village Design Statement (2000) guidelines which states 

"The Beach Huts are of historical importance to the Area and must be retained in their original form."


The Middleton on Sea (Beach Huts) Limited is responsible for acquiring letting, managing, and maintaining the beach huts on the Greensward.  All the members of the Board are members of the Association and the three MOSA formal “Officers” are ex officio members of the Board. They hold an annual general meeting every year. It must be noted that the Beach Hut Company is not a MOSA company and if you have any questions, then please direct them to the Beach Hut Company using the button below. 

Twenty years ago, the 42 central huts were rebuilt and the 12 western huts refurbished. In order to fund the work long leases of 10 or 15 years had to be granted. As a result the Company advertised locally and many were taken up by non Middleton residents.


Only since 2014 has there been a need to create a waiting list and if you wish to go on the waiting list, then please contact the secretary via the button below. All residents and those closely associated with Middleton on Sea are eligible to apply. There are 3 levels of prioritisation for the allocation of any available huts. Please note that if you fall within levels 2 & 3 then you may go down the list depending on the number of MOSA members who apply:-

  1. MOSA Members

  2. Residents of Middleton on Sea Parish

  3. Residents outside of Middleton on Sea Parish

(20.1.22 - The waiting list is currently closed except for MOSA members due to the large number on the list and the lack of availability)


Board of Directors

Chair            - John Bradshaw

Secretary    - Marese Hollands

Treasurer     - David Currie (MOSA Vice Chair)

Directors     - John Bradshaw

                     - Marese Hollands


ex-offcio Officers (MOSA)   - Martin Burrell (MOSA Chair)

    - David Currie (MOSA Vice Chair)

    - Marese Hollands (MOSA Secretary)


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