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MOSA is an unincorporated Association and can only own or deal with land (e.g. grant easements) through appointed Trustees and by section 34 of the Trustee Act 1925, the maximum number of those Trustees who can hold land is four. The current Trustees are: -


 Christopher Martin

 Martin Burrell

 Sue Mackenzie


In 1951, the then owner of the Estate decided to sell his remaining land to The Association. He did this by conveying the land to three Committee members. These members then signed a Trust Deed whereby they declared that they would hold the roads in trust for the Association upon terms that those roads “would be dealt with as the Committee shall from time to time direct”. This remains the situation today.


Whenever a trustee is unable to undertake their duties the remaining Trustee(s) appoint a new Trustee, as they own the ‘legal estate’. This is carried out on the direction of the MOSA committee.

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