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MOSA is an unincorporated association. MOSA’s main functions are to preserve the special character and amenity of the area, to ensure, amongst other things, the maintenance and repair of the private roads, twittens and the upkeep of the Greensward. 

Management Committee

MOSA Management Committee is made up of a Chair, Vice-chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Road Representatives (who may also be a chair of a sub committee), Chairs of the Planning Advisory Committee, Infrastructure, Communications and Policy Committee. There are a maximum of eighteen Officers of which eight will form a quorum. The Officers are a cross-section of residents. The election of the Management Committee takes place at an Annual General Meeting, it has the power to fill any vacancies that arise during the year. The Chair rotates every three years.


The Officers meet every 4-6 weeks to discuss committee business and vote on a wide variety of proposals. The committee splits into sub-commitees to focus on specific issues.

The Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer together with not less than two Committee members immediately available, can form an Executive Committee with power to deal with matters of emergency.

Chair                      - Martin Burrell

Vice-chair             - David Currie

Secretary              - Marese Hollands

Treasurer               -David Curri



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