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Major land drains run through parts of the estate and are a mixture of both MOSA and public ownership. They were installed primarily for the purpose of draining rainwater from the estate roads. The roads are also owned and maintained by MOSA for the benefit of the residents as a whole.


Drainage System

There are three piped surface water drains on the estate. One of these is an east-west pipe which runs from a resident’s garden in East Close, underneath the East Close and West Close roads and another five residents’ gardens before it reaches a north-south public sewer owned by Southern Water. The combined pipe then discharges into the sea via the outfall at Hannah’s Groyne near the western beach huts.


Maintenance and Repair Responsibilities of the East-West Pipe

Following legal advice obtained in 2018, MOSA has now assumed responsibility for the maintenance and any necessary renewal of the east-west pipe, and any associated drainage works, with the exception of any connections which have been made for the benefit of individual property owners. In addition, the residents of the properties through which the pipe passes have a statutory duty not to do anything which might damage or obstruct the pipe, e.g. by carrying out building work or tree planting.


Sea Way

The remaining two piped surface water drains run underneath Sea Way and discharge via the greensward to the beach. Both pipelines take surface water from the road itself, whilst the western pipeline takes surface water from a few properties as well.

Sea Lane

Residents whose properties front onto Sea Lane have open ditches or piped culverts along their frontage. They have a common law responsibility to ensure that the ditches and culverts separating their respective properties from the road are not obstructed.


Roads Without Surface Water Drains 

Sea Close, The Byway and Old Point do not have surface water drains. Residents in these roads are individually responsible for drainage of surface rainwater into soakaways or similar on their properties.

In Merry End there is a road gully connected to a soakaway, which was installed and is maintained at the cost of the Merry End road fund.

For information on your statutory duties please refer to the Land Drainage Act (1991) and Arun District Council By-laws (2004). 


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