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Building Development

General Development

Major developments including demolitions, new builds, extensions, changes to roof heights, dormer windows etc. will require full planning permission. This process will require applications to be made to Arun District Council in accordance with their Development Control procedures and requirements. Further advice is available via the Arun District Council website. For MOSA's approach to planning on the Estate ensure you have read the Planning  webpage .


Permitted Development

Permitted development rights are set out in Government legislation and allow certain building works and changes of use to be carried out without having to make a planning application. These rights are sometimes removed by the local panning authorities to allow greater control over development in sensitive areas. This currently does not apply to the Area of 'special' Character. However, residents undertaking any building development, should still ensure that the development they propose has regard to the philosophy and principles in the Village Design Statement (2000). Please ensure that your architect or designer has a copy. Further advice on permitted development is available via the Arun District Council website. 


Owners Responsibilities

Where any such works are being undertaken owners are requested to consult with their neighbours and Road Representative, in advance of the work taking place.

During the course of any building development, significant damage to the roads, verges and other estate infrastructure may occur during the course of the actual building works and from the associated contractor vehicles. 


It is the responsibility of those residents, having works done on their properties, to make every effort to minimise such damage and, where damage has occurred, to notify their road representative and make any necessary repairs at their own or contractors expense. 


Potential Charges

To offset the impact of HGV traffic on the Associations's road surfaces, drains or verges, a Buildings Works Charge will be applied (Finance and Charges button). These charges, along with other requirements to safeguard the environment and amenities of residents will be set out in an Agreement between the Association and the developer.


Unauthorised Development

Unfortunately, in certain instances, property owners do not follow the Constitution rules and undertake development that may or may not comply with Permitted Development rights, and may fall outside of Permitted Development limits and as such require prior planning consent. Examples include freestanding business advertisements, balconies above single storey extensions, large outbuildings (incorporating living accommodation) and some dormers. Whilst not wishing to alienate residents, MOSA equally have a responsibility to minimise adverse impacts on the Area of Special Character. Please contact the Secretary if you would like a copy of the policy.





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