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General Documentation

Constitution (10th Edition - October 2022)

The MOSA Constitution lays out the fundamental principles that constitute the legal basis of MOSA as an organisation and how it is governed. It should be read in conjunction with the MOSA Guide to Residents' Responsibilities.

Building Works Charging Schedule (2023)

MOSA has introduced a Building Works Charging Schedule designed to offset the impact of development (and in particular the effect of HGV traffic and construction activity upon the Estate infrastructure). This will help to ensure that the road charges paid annually by residents are kept proportionate to normal road usage and maintenance requirements.


The charge will be in the form of a non-refundable financial bond. The charges are outlined in the MOSA Building Works Charging Schedule below.


Community Guide to Residents' Responsibilities (2021)

This is a helpful guide for residents outlining their responsibilities when living on the Sea Lane Estate and should be read in conjunction with the MOSA Constitution 2022.

Middleton on Sea Village Design Statement 2000

The Arun Middleton on Sea Village Design Statement 2000 details the 'Area of Special Character'.

Lighting Guidelines 2018

Provides lighting guidelines for residents

Roads Strategy 2022

This outlines the strategy to address the issue of road maintenance and resurfacing across the whole of the “Sea Lane Estate”.


Other Policies - available from the Secretary

  • Non-Payment of MOSA Fees

  • Buildings in Disrepair

  • Inappropriate Residents Actions

  • Unauthorised Development

  • Driveway Alteration

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