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MOSA welcomes improvements that owners may wish to make to their properties to enhance or protect the special character of the area and, is in keeping with the guidelines contained within both the Village Design Statement 2000 and Arun District Council's policy for the designated Area of Special Character. This can require either full planning permission or be carried out under Permitted Development Rights.


In the first instance any residents considering any building works should discuss the matter with their Road Representative and their neighbours. The Planning section of the website, should be read in conjunction with the Village Design Statement and Arun District guidance. Please ensure your architect or designer has the relevant copies.


The MOSA Planning Advisory Committee, will consider all planning applications for adherence to the guidelines in the Village Design Statement (2000) and the estate ethos contained in the area of special character policies.  Having reviewed the application the committee will advise the management committee if it is considered appropriate that an objection is to be lodged. 






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